So you found your way to this page on my blog, probably because you want to know more about me. Okay lets start with the basics. My name is Deola Bamigboye, I am 20years old. I am an Aerospace engineering student. I find it hard to tell people about myself, not because I don’t know myself but because I don’t really know what you want to know. 

I started blogging in February 2013. On a sunny Saturday morning, when me and my then friends went out to take pictures for some reason. I had never considered having a blog (not to talk about a FASHION BLOG) before this day. After we took the pictures, we saw that they turned out nice and I don’t even remember who brought up the idea to start a blog but the three of us made blogspot accounts and named our blogs different things (mine was called FASHION FOLK TALES, till I changed the name) and that was the beginning of my blogging journey. 

Although I started blogging without any prior contemplation, I decided to stick with it because I realised then that I didn’t have any hobbies and I had almost never done anything non-academic before, also I wasn’t enjoying my first year of university. I guess I can say that I stuck with blogging because I needed some form of distraction in my life at the time. 

Blogging has since moved from a mere form of distraction to something I love and I am inspired by daily. Through blogging, I discovered my style and my love for fashion, photography and writing. It is funny, on my journey looking for distractions, I considered makeup and photography, let’s say I still suck at both. Before starting a blog, the thought of dressing up on a daily basis never crossed my mind (it was neither a burden nor was it fun), it was more like a routine. I remember wearing my pyjamas to uni under my coat once before. Whenever I had to dress up fancy, I always went for body con dresses or skirts because I thought that was all I could look nice/presentable in. Blogging has helped me take my style seriously, which in turn has helped me take my life seriously. I hope my blog inspires you, more than it inspires me. Stick around to find out more about me, perhaps we can be friends!


  1. A www. I loved reading about you Deola. Keep doing your thing !

    1. Thank you Pee! I would continue just that.

  2. You really are a good writer

    1. I'm not so sure about that but thank you Mmesoma

  3. I am your newest biggest fan. I'd stalk, but in a good way.

    I like "burgundy and navy". And not to be too forward, I noticed your sexy shoulders AND LEGS (I mean, take a second look at FASHION WEEK INSPIRATION) even before you mentioned the shoulders on twitter ��

    PS I tried so hard to post anonymously.. Didn't work 😒

    1. Hahaha! I'm glad you couldn't post anonymously. Thank you for this comment, it made my day.



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