I've been sitting on this outfit post, waiting for the perfect time and perfect text to post it, but I realise that nothing gets done in waiting for perfection, time only passes by and the speed with which time goes by is sometimes shocking. I can't believe that it's already July and it has been 3 months since I last posted on here. My disappearing phase due to university struggle is now over, and I am thankful for that.

Does it ever happen to you that you get so overwhelmed, you forget who you are? Yes, that happened to me. I have been focusing on getting back to myself and doing the things that I love and enjoy, but it has been extremely hard, I just don't feel great doing those things anymore. I realised that the difficulty I have been facing in feeling like myself again, might be because I am forcing who I am now, to be who I was. It occured to me, that I have evolved. Hardship stretched me and now, I'm more ductile, I have surpassed what I once thought was my elastic limit, I have evolved into a new me.

It's time to find out what this me likes, and how she can get back on track to achieveing her big-bad-goals.

Wearing: Shoes & Trousers - Zara // Shirt - M&S // Coat - Topshop // Glasses - Newlook // Bag - Kurt Geiger.

I found these shoes in the January Zara sale (find alternatives here & here) and it was love and doubt at first sight. I loved how fun they look and I wasn't sure I could pull them off. I have worn these shoes in previous posts (here and here) and I keep finding ways to incorporate them into my daily outfits. These shoes add an instant spice to what could have been a boring outfit and takes it a little higher up the expressive scale.

On this paticular day, it was hot and I was annoyed, so I wanted to wear oversized airy clothes. I went for this Mark&Spencer shirt that I took from my mom years ago and these Zara mom jeans (find alternatives here & here) that I bought last October, when I couldn't stand wearing tight skinny jeans anymore during my very lengthy laboratory experiments.

Styling tip:
With mom jeans, it is important to consider the general proportions of the overall outfit. I usually wear them with a more fitted top, to balance the proportions. In balancing the proportion of this particular outfit, I went with the navy blue sleeveless coat, it helps the shirt appear smaller than it is.
The most important thing to consider with styling is how the outfit makes you feel. Feel free to ditch any "rules".

Thank you for being back on this blog, and reading this far. Talk really soon x!


  1. Your second paragraph is very insightful, I've never thought about life like that. Trying to force who I am now into who I was I mean. We learn and we grow everyday so things can't always be like they used to I suppose. Thanks for sharing that.

    Back to your outfit, love it. Mom jeans are so cool, I should totally get a pair. I'm going to check out the ones you suggested! xx
    Coco Bella Blog 

    1. Thank you for reading Demilade! Yes yes you should! xx

  2. You keep reminding why i like your blog a lot. Plus the pictures, your articles are a blessing.



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