Friday is finally here! If you're not feeling as relieved as I am, you're probably living your best life. I am still on the way to living mine.

This is a perfect outfit for a Friday when all your energy is sapped but you don't want to look bummy. It has just enough casual and just enough fashion forward. Whenever I am running late, tired or just simply lacking inspiration, I use a formula to come up with an outfit, this formula doesn't include any calculations luckily (so anyone can use it).

I start with a comfortable base/canvas. In this case, these ultra comfortable jeans and old worn top are my chosen base. Then I add some form of statement, the statement piece could be a coat, some shoes or necklace.  The addition of this statement piece takes away attention from the seemingly boring canvas. I tend to stop here a lot and just opt for the most comfortable shoes and bag to go with the outfit, which is kind of what I did with this outfit.

These leopard print shoes are probably the most comfortable shoes I own (which was intentional, will explain this in another post) and they happened to be in a contrasting print to my coat, so they were a win with this outfit. I also decided to go with this miniature bag, to create a slight hue situation with the jeans, thereby, adding to the overall look of the outfit.

Do you have a formula you use in picking out your outfit? Share it with me in the comment section. If you try this formula, let me know how you find it. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Haha your opening line amused me. I really like this outfit, it's so casual yet so cool. Love the jeans and the cross body bag. My go to 'formula' is quite similar to yours. xx

    Coco Bella Blog



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