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I know how highly irritating it is for most people to be told “Happy New Year” in February, but here goes nothing! Happy New Year Guys! Hope everyone has had a really pleasant start to their year. 

2016 was an amazing year for me, so! much! happened! I know a lot of people had it tough last year and I empathise. 2016 was a progressive year for me, a year that I caught a real glimpse of the faithfulness of God. Although, the overarching feeling I had last year was stress, my life felt completely out of balance and out of control. I was always stressed about the imbalance and the impending doom it spelt (that one aspect of my life would irredeemably slip away). I was mentally and physically stressed (my skin is still recovering and I need to get back in the gym). 

One thing I have learnt (in hindsight) is the need to a break and rest. I ended 2016 super stressed and tired, I didn’t catch a break at all from anything, especially my mind. I managed to stay at home (mostly in bed) for about two days and went straight to exam mode, which only just ended.   

Towards the end of 2016, I realised that I wasn’t going to be blogging in January or working towards new goals or getting started on new years resolutions (because I hadn’t taken out time to prepare for the new year) and I made my peace with it. It was all I could do, not to get physically burned out. 
I want (actually need) to find balance this year. I need to not get caught up, always trying to catch up. This year, I want to continue laying the foundation for all that I am going to be. As regards blogging, I would do my best this time (I am still finding out what that is) and I hope you stick around to see it.  

It is actually funny that I am putting up these pictures now because I absolutely hated them when we shot them (TWICE!!) in November. Hope you like them & once again, thank you so much for your constant support, you are the best. 

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