I don't remember the exact moment when I started reading and I don't even remember the first book. All I know is that I used to struggle to read non-academic books, up until 2014. I actually struggle to do things for the fun of it (this is a topic for another day).

I remember reading Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso and I wasn't able to put it down for the whole day till I finished it. I also remember reading Jesus Is by Judah Smith for about 3 months because I couldn't sit long enough to finish it, I finally stuck to reading it while travelling. I am trying to build more of a reading routine this year and I want to read books across spheres of my interests. These are the books I am currently read.

I actually read "Show your work" last July but I couldn't remember one word from it, so I decided to read it again as it is extremely relevant to where I am right now.

I came across STYLING randomly and I jotted it down frantically and added it to my gigantic book list on Amazon. I am almost done reading this one, I read it through January but I have a few pages left and I haven't picked it up in about 3 weeks.

DEEP WORK was meant to be my book of the month. I have had this book since August and I still haven't gotten past the first ten pages. I don't know why. I think it is because it is such a serious book and the size is awkward for carrying around.

What books are you currently reading? Should we come up with a hashtag to share our current reads? Leave a comment with your suggestions.  

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  1. I actually need to learn how to read books, right now I cannot read a book to save my life.



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