This has been about the hardest blog post to write, it has literally been on my to-do list since the 1st of December, I just couldn't get round to it. I decided to just write whatever came to mind to round up the year because I didn't want to leave the blog hanging. 

2016 has been an amazing year for me, despite all the global torment and hardship, I had a great year. I also had such a great year because I continued doing this and you kept coming back, thank you for 2016! I wrote this next paragraph in October 2015, in a random journal. I think if I had anything to say to you now, it would be this,  

GROW. It is very easy to do nothing, say nothing and be nothing. It is very easy to choose to remain where we were yesterday, it is very easy to be lazy, it doesn't take any work to be unmotivated, uncreative, complacent.  We think we can just remain where we want to be, where we are okay, where we are comfortable, but what we don't understand is that there is no mid-point between growing and dying. When you are not growing, you don't simply remain, you are dying. When you don't grow past where you were yesterday, you don't remain at the same point, you become a little less than you were yesterday. Growth isn't optional, so is death but they are both gradual processes. The good thing about growth is this, the more you grow, the easier it is for the process to continue and that is the same as death. As human being created, we have been commanded to grow, to be fruitful. Death is something we added to the mix on our own by choosing to remain and do nothing. Today I challenge you to grow, as my friend Jeffrey would say, I challenge you to be the best of you. To take the leap of faith in the direction that you want to grow. As you take that leap of Faith, May the odds be in your favour. Happy New Year in advance. 



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