Hi everyone! Here I am again with this long overdue blog post. I posted this dress on Instagram and Twitter, last month (on my birthday) hence, long overdue blogpost.

I made this dress back in May, just after I made this one. I didn't wear it then, because I initially used 10 buttons (which wasn't enough), and I didn't realise that that was the problem with the dress. I ended up hyper ventilating and crying so much (I get very emotional when I sew) and dumping the dress in my wasted effort pile. I was probably really upset because I had fallen in love with the fabric and had broken way too many needles on this one.

I was going over my sketch book, looking for something to sew, then I found the sketch for this dress and decided to try it on again, just to see what I did wrong. Then I saw it, I needed about 10 more buttons. I actually felt really silly that I didn't see it the first time.

Shooting this dress was also a mini nightmare. I initially discarded the pictures, because bad lighting but on a second look, I decided that I could work with it. Do you see a trend?

When you are a creative, you are the big critic of your work. A lot of times, your work isn't half as bad as you think, you just need a fresh set of eyes (sometimes yours, sometimes someone else) to see what can be tweaked or left the same to reveal the beauty of your work.

The fabric used, is a heavyweight scuba fabric, it wears a lot like lycra (which is annoying) but feels nothing like lycra. I actually love this beauty, hope you do too. 


  1. So this lovely piece was in your wasted effort pile,funny how a different view can change anything.
    Yes,I love the dress not only because of the way the buttons give it a fresh design but because it looks like it was sewn on you.

  2. I actually really love this dress, it is so beautiful and looks perfect for you. Sometimes life deserves another take.



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