Starting a blog has probably been the best impromptu decision I ever made. I actually thank God for that day and that silly photoshoot (read more here) that led me here. It has helped me define my style and that has in turn helped in defining who I am. I believe that to make any changes in your life, the first step is to accept who you are. Own your personality, the good and the bad, then you can go from there.

I always talk about how I am a very emotional person, I feel all my emotions intensely. When I am happy, I am really happy. When I am mad, really really mad and when I am sad, oh boy! really sad. I realised that I hardly have an in-between, and I started doing things to build that in-between bridge for myself. I realised that I am in charge of my emotions, people can do things to make me mad but it is ultimately up to me to get mad and if I get mad, I chose to be mad, so I can choose to let it go.

I also realised that stress is a big trigger for me. When I am stressed, I tend to dwell on more negatives than positives, I tend to go into this endless moodiness. I can't really avoid feeling stressed, so I focus on my in-between bridge.

Little things are the things that build these in-between bridges for me. For instance, on a stressful day, I can go out of my way to have a really nice meal, then I can focus on that good thing instead of the stress. It doesn't eliminate the stress, it just slightly shifts my perspective and on most days, that slight shift, is all I need.

A good outfit also helps in building this bridge. Every morning, I try to dress beyond how I feel, I try to dress as my best self. On a few days, I can't mutter the strength and I just stick to looking presentable and the mere fact that I really love this top that I am wearing is a good enough bridge-builder for me. I am very simple like that.

On days when I can't do it by myself, my tribe does it for me. A conversation with my mom or any of my siblings or my boyfriend and I can mutter the strength to build a new perspective.

Who is in your tribe? What is a bridge builder for you?


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    1. Burnt orange huh?.... I love this post... the write up is wonderful,so are the pictures and the outfit..My siblings and you are in my tribe.my bridge builder has been God's word for me each passing moment and day.



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