Hellooo....its me.....I was wondering if you still remember who I am, after disappearing for so long (10 weeks) with no explanation. I am terribly sorry. I'm back now, to stay this time. I didn't take time off because I needed it, in truth, I didn't even take time off, I just got really busy.

These pictures bring to mind a conversation I had with my friend, Kemi, when we were 12, I remember planning an outfit to go somewhere (can't remember where) and I decided that white trousers (all white outfit actually) would be the perfect thing. I most likely ended up wearing whatever my older sister laid out for me. I remember wearing white trousers again, a few years back and my baby sister's hands just wouldn't let me be great, I changed into another pair and the red sand and Lagos dust just killed the outfit. I never tried again, until now.

When I bought these trousers, I was actually thinking conventional white top to go with it but then I remembered this shirt that I stole from my boyfriend ages ago (which he is never getting back), I tried it on and I fell in love. I walked around in this outfit, fully aware of how good I looked (Kanye confidence). I went to church in this outfit, then to Nandos and Kaspa's and I DIDN'T GET STAINED!!! Boss level accomplished!!

Styling white jeans should be as easy as black jeans, you would be surprised how well different shirts and tops go with it. Think of it this way, a white shirt would have looked equally as good as this light blue one and a dark denim shirt would also do justice. If you want to play it extremely safe, stick to lighter shades of any colour and you are good to go.

Shirt- Zara Men (Similar)
Trousers- Topshop (here)
Shoes- Zara (Similar here and here)
Bag- Zara (Similar)
Sunglasses- Topshop (Similar)

Photography by Seyi.


  1. Hey she's back!!
    Nice one using beautiful shots and a nicely written article to bribe us.

  2. Girl slay!!!! your article was so beautifully written

  3. Meet the boss lady, how can you look like you have the world at your finger tips and still look all way lovely.....nice one girl.



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