Happy Monday guys! I say this as I lie in bed, no work, no school and I happen to be doing one of my favourite things. So this Monday is pretty happy.

The importance of having key pieces in your wardrobe, that you can throw on in a couple seconds and still look like you put in loads of effort, cannot be over emphasised. I actually didn't think too much about this outfit before leaving the house, I was already back at home before I realised that I liked the outfit. So in essence, this is my safe-bet outfit.

A safe-bet outfit is relative to your individual style, it is an outfit that is essentially your non-bummy comfort zone outfit. Being creative and stepping outside your style comfort zone is always good for you (the outfit might end up being a mess though), but on some days, you just don't have time! You need to get up and get going and not have to worry about what to wear.

Your safe-bet outfit has slightly more to do with how you feel in that outfit than how you look. When you feel confident and safe in your outfit, it interprets into your entire demeanour. When choosing this outfit, consider what you feel most comfortable in and how to make it presentable, consider what your body shape is, consider how you want to be addressed. I say consider all these factors, yet I said mine didn't take time at all. This is because I have taken all these factors into consideration years ago, I just alter it for each occasion of a safe-bet outfit.

I would be back this week with a not-so-safe-slightly-messy outfit. See you then! 



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