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Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be typing this post, I have waited too long. I have been disgustingly ill for the past two weeks. I missed cooking, eating and blogging, among other things. I have been eating my face off since I got better, I'm sure I have gained back all the weight I lost while ill.

On to the outfit. This was more difficult than I expected, I needed to style a look from H&M for this competition. I only just realised that H&M is my go to place for basics, gym wear and special occasion outfit. I needed to find something in between all that and I didn't want to wear all black, so off to shops I went. I found so many gorgeous pieces but I really wanted something that represents my style and something I would definitely wear again. Just before I lost hope, I found this top in the sale section and the knit detail drew me in. I quickly remembered this skirt that I had bumped into earlier and this monochromatic look was born.

I would definitely wear this outfit when I am out shopping (with flats obviously), or out on a Sunday brunch or an actual lunch out with friends. I am so excited for Summer, I hope I don't get too sucked into being an adult and remember to have fun and be expressive with my style. Hope you all do the same, have a great week ahead. Oh I almost forgot, Happy Fathers' Day to all the amazing and potential fathers out there. 

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