I am in love with the most basic things, like the most basic colours. I don't wear a lot of bright colours, I am just not drawn to them. I love black and navy blue (70% of my wardrobe is split in these two colours) and white is the easiest colour to pair with them. So for that person that said "why do you always wear white?", I really hadn't noticed but I guess the answer is, white just comes along for the ride, my heart is really with black and navy blue. Obviously, the fool proof outfit for me has most, if not all of these colours.

High waisted flared pants are usually made with the most comfortable fabrics and having the right one that sits at that perfect place on your body is truly divine, especially for a short girl whose waist size is an odd number (most retailers tailor clothes to even numbers). I had to reduce the length of this pair (as I always do for ones like this) and take in the waist. With a little tailoring, your clothes can go from a 6 to 9. Properly fitted clothes (I don't mean tight suffocating ones) can add to your confidence and how you are perceived, because you are not always caught adjusting.

Crop tops are in fact a perfect match for high waisted trousers, revealing that little sliver of skin. The sleeveless coat was a thoughtful addition, although it was warm while I got dressed, I checked the weather forecast for the rest of the day and the temperature was to drop. I also wore the coat, in case I got bloated before the end of the day, I could easily conceal that with the coat.

This outfit was a really quick one, shot just before catching a train to a really amazing day. Hope you liked it? Tell me what is a foolproof outfit for you and what is your favourite colour?


  1. high waist trousers are a must have and they pair quite nicely with crops tops. I love the addition of the coat to this look and your hair is stunning!

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you Sarah! I agree high waist trousers are a must have!!

  2. Those colours compliment your skin bae



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