I'm posting on a Monday!!! what?!?! Lol.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. As mentioned in my last post, I finished my exams and I'm back to excessive chatting blogging. It has been my desire to blog more and share more for a while now but I didn't know how/when to get to it or if mentioning it at all was a good idea. My favourite YouTubers always promise us more posts/consistency, and they never really stick to it and I get really fed up with them but I still love them.

When I started blogging, I thought it was completely impossible to have a self-dependent blog (i.e a blog that relies on me, myself and I), because of one of the basic needs of this blog, outfit photographs. I started blogging with the help of a friend, who was learning photography at the time and everything just worked out. I have had various people shoot me since then, and I truly appreciate everyone.

So basically, I started blogging with help and continued with help. Fast forward to now, I still get tremendous help with my pictures. Recently I realised that for my blog to really succeed, I need more help.  Blogging is one of those jobs that look really easy until you look closely. A blogger is a writer, an editor, a photographer, a model, a web designer amongst many other things.

Asking for help was always a challenge for me, until I started studying engineering and blogging. I quickly learnt that having people who can help you and you can also help in return is one of the most vital keys to succeed at anything. I am not saying that always relying on other people is the key, I am just saying that having that open extension of help, whether you need it or not, is very important. If the people around you don't support you, please move away from them. Find a new set of friends or family.

I still struggle with asking for help, because I don't want to come off as a pest. The key to preventing this, is to always offer help too. Not necessarily like a trade by barter thing but being observant enough to see when the people around you also need help (It doesn't even have to be in related things).

I am all about sharpening myself now, getting better at things I am good at and also taking on things that I can potentially be good at. Needing help and wanting to sharpen myself has led to a Self Portrait category on this blog. I would help myself by shooting my own pictures this would in turn help me become a better photographer. The pictures from this learning experience will appear under the Self Portrait category and you can also expect more casual posts under this section and I will probably keep these lengthy posts to this section. My regular outfit photos would still be constant and all my posts would appear under the home page anyway.

I hope we all enjoy this new category and I will strive to improve the quality of the pictures, post by post. This post has gotten way too long, if you got this far, you are the real MVP.  Don't forget to leave a comment and follow me on Twitter.

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