Hello beautiful people! I'm back from my sudden unplanned hiatus! I won't excuse away my laziness, I would just try to do better, starting two weeks from now (after my exam).

Did you know that I sew? I always find it hard to finish sewing projects that take more than two days, I just feel like I could be using my time for something else. I decided to sew more this year, in order to improve my skills. I started by completing long started projects but I soon realised that I lost motivation to sew these things, mostly because my style has somewhat evolved in the past few years.

I decided to sew something quick and easy, that I would definitely want to wear. I have had this fabric for years and I have been really lost as to what to use it for, since it wasn't a lot. I found the inspiration for this dress on Instagram and just went with it.

My favourite thing about this dress is the fit, my waist looks so snatched. I felt so sexy yet modest in this dress, just because of the mesh overlay (which is not attached to the dress, just worn over).

Taking these pictures started out as a nightmare, because the wind was so strong, my hair got scattered (I had to do improvise with this messy updo) and we couldn't find the perfect spot away from the sun. I honestly wanted to give up but I kept thinking about how annoying it must be to come back here and still see that "MIXED PRINT" post on top. Once we found a good spot, I felt less miserable. Having my boyfriend take my pictures is also a big plus as he mostly puts me in a good mood and I feel really comfortable having him there.

This dress turned out better than I imagined and my fear of hating it once I tried it on, didn't manifest.  I felt the fear but I did it anyway, and it felt so good. I hope I can remember that next time I feel crippled with fear. Thank you for sticking with me, we are going to greater heights soon.

P.S: Do you like the new look of the blog? I finally decided to get help with the template, since that aspect of blogging bores me out of my senses. I am in love with the new look!!

P.P.S: What should I name this dress?

Let's get the conversation flowing in the comment section or tweet me!

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