Red carpets are my absolute favourite part of award shows, most of the women come looking flawless and most of the men look the same, they are all wearing the same black suit (different stylists and designers of course). I chose a burgundy suit for Michael Bae Jordan because in a sea of these uniform looking men, I really appreciate a man that looks a little bit different. I know men’s fashion is dicey, you can’t play with it too much without looking like a clown but I absolutely appreciate the little things, like, a different colour. Also, he looks like burgundy goes really well with his (so tempted to say caramel, but I don’t like describing people with food) skin tone. I searched far and wide for a burgundy suit but I didn't find any, so work with me on the assumption that I ordered the suit pictured in burgundy. 

For someone who has no idea on suits and has a boat load of money, go for Tom Ford, I mean have you seen the 007 character?! For a guy who doesn’t have all that money to spend on a suit or just doesn’t feel like it, any suit would do really, as long as it is fitted to you. I personally feel like men should only wear costume-made suits (suits tailored specially for them), just to get the perfect fitting. I know that sounds very expensive but you might be surprised, these things are not too expensive. If you are looking to #BuyNigeriantogrowtheNaira, check out Mai Atafo and Kimono Kollection

Another thing I really have no business thinking about but I sometimes find myself wondering how they make it work is male underwear. I just wonder how they have those funny looking shorts under their trousers and we happen not to see the lines or how it doesn’t ride up and give them a wedgie (too vivid, I know), but it actually happens, see below. 

I usually just assume that the table top bum that comes with a lot of men, prevent this ordeal. I mean there is a lot of inequality in the world and men usually have the upper hand but not when it comes to things like undergarments. We women have all the magic we need in form of undergarments to feel and look our best. On the topic of undergarments, Tommy John is that brand that every man out there should have a good number of undergarments from, they are here to prevent further embarrassments and to improve your level of comfort.  (Click the short video at the bottom of this post to see why). 


  1. This is new and cool o, where's my boyfriend @? He should get his ass here .. I ��

  2. This is new and cool o, where's my boyfriend @? He should get his ass here .. I ��



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