Top & Shoes - Zara // Trousers & Coat - Topshop // Belt - H&M.

In my bid not to be clad in all black this winter, I decided to try more dark colours. I have even been wearing dark lipsticks. Opening yourself up to new adventures (even if it is just wearing more colour) can be very good for you, you are open to receive and to give.

As human beings, we like familiarity, which isn't a bad thing but sometimes familiarity can lead to monotony. Monotony on the other hand is pretty boring and demotivating, which explains why we fall asleep in lectures where the lecturer has a monotonous voice and also explains why I can't stand my boyfriend's singing voice (his singing voice is monotonous, he sings on the same flat key) but he still has a better voice than I do, so maybe it is just jealousy. 

There is magic in trying new things, going to new places, meeting new people. New beginnings (or new experiments) generally feel magical, it is almost like a new part of your brain opens up and creates more room for you to create. 

Of course, I was freezing cold in this outfit, so do not try this at home, wear coats with sleeves. I was actually only out in the cold for about ten minutes to take these pictures.

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