Happy New Year everyone, It's 2016 already. December 2015 definitely rolled away fast. I didn't do any recap/year-in-review or any extended post about 2015 ending, I guess my birthday post kinda covered that already. I feel like the first post in a new year should be about goal setting, moving forward and all that good stuff but I don't feel like writing any of that. My 2015 wasn't the best and I don't want to jinx 2016.

So unto the outfit. This outfit wouldn't have happened if I didn't go out shopping on Boxing Day with my friend, Faith and here is why. I absolutely hate shopping, a big messy crowd makes it worse and a congested online interface makes me close the entire page (hence why I wear too much Zara, the website interface has my heart). People don't expect to hear me say I hate shopping because they think as a fashion blogger that is all I do. Wrong. 

Anyway, Faith was going out shopping on Boxing Day and manage to convince me to come with her. I went with the mind of "I'm not buying anything". We got to the shops and I actually found myself checking out stuff with her, I guess the rowdiness of the shops didn't really annoy me because I had someone else with me. I even went in the dressing rooms, my worst thing about shopping. I tried on these trousers and she exclaimed at how much they suit me, and she said "Deola, we are not leaving here if you don't buy these trousers". While checking out the pile of clothes we had, the cashier said to me "oh these have dropped to £7." Guys, I nearly fainted, the sale price tag originally said £20, so I bought these £42 trousers for £6.30 (minus student discount). Moral of the story: Let your friends convince you to get your behind out of bed sometimes, and by good trousers. I can't wait to wear them till they are threadbare.

I also ran back to Topshop a few days later for this long line coat that I tried on, on Boxing Day. I paired both with this shirt I got from Oroma ages ago and voila! 

By the way, are these trousers called flare or bootcut?
Or is it the modern name just flare?

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