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Have you ever left something halfway for so long that you don't know how to continue when you get back to it? That is how I feel about this post in particular and this blog in general.

I started writing this post the morning of my birthday, Tuesday October 6 with the aim of getting it up before nightfall. The words didn't seem right at the time, I was too excited about my birthday that I couldn't complete  statement without the #thankful. My excitement simmered down and the words still didn't feel right. The longer I waited around to have the perfect wise girl birthday post, the more discouraged I felt. I decided to take out my pen and productive journal and write it all out.

The truth of the matter is that my life right now is not what I envisioned at 15. When I was 15, I had strong dreams of becoming a pilot and I intended to fly my first plane before 20.  At 16, I decided that the world needed more engineers than pilots, so I decided to go to university to study Aerospace Engineering or Industrial Mathematics. After being told by my older siblings that Industrial Mathematics will only help me become a mathematics teacher in some high school (now I know that is not true and teachers are awesome), I stuck with Aerospace Engineering.

A month before 17, I enrolled on my Aerospace Engineering course with all hopes of being done before 20. I'm 20 now and that hasn't happened yet. I am still in university, on the same course, I quite admire my resilience to graduate on this course.

Getting through the past year, especially the past few months seemed impossible but I'm here today (telling you way too much about my life). I only got through this past year because of God, even when I felt myself slipping away, God was my anchor. I thank God for the people in my life, who have held me up. I thank God for my parents, who have refused to give up on me, especially my mom (my backbone really).

Although the past year was difficult, it left me with so many lessons. The fact that God is always with me became a reality. I learnt that if Jesus could die for me, he can do anything for me. I learnt that I will continue to be at peace as long as the peace within me is not disturbed. I learnt that I can never be everything to one human being because I am limited. I learnt that I need help and being a one-man band will not get me where I need to be. I learnt that I have help around me, all I need to do is ask and then receive. I learnt that good friends are hard to come by and I must treasure the few I have. I learnt that just as I give myself a free pass to grow and learn, I need to extend that grace to the people around me. I learnt that just as I am limited, my friends are also limited, the limitless friend is the one who knew us before conception (God). I learnt that just because I am not where I need to be, doesn't mean I won't get to where I need to be. I learnt that my reaction to the things that happen to me is what matters most. I learnt that I can either stay down in the dumps or rise to the top of my game with hard work, perseverance. I learnt that you can't just wait around for the perfect feeling to write the blog post, you just have to get to it.

If 18 was about having an idea what I wanted and a rough sketch of a plan, and 19 was about having a more precise goal and action plan and having all hell break loose, 20 is about picking up the pieces, adding new ideas and goals to the mix and trying again.  Tell me, did you think I was over 20? or rather how old did you think I was?

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and thank you to my boyfriend for helping me with these pictures. 

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