Hello everyone! How are you all doing? The silence on here has been so real but I am back now, back to stay that is. Thank you to everyone who checked up on me and motivated me to come back here. I wasn't blogging majorly because I hit a blogger's block and had photography issues. I think it is safe to say my photography issues have been resolved temporarily and I am working to entirely overcome the bloggers block. I really missed posting but I never stopped coming up with outfit ideas.

Two piece coordinates are usually a thing in the summer, they are like florals for spring. I got this made last September, while I was in Nigeria. I had my sister make it for me because I didn't have a sewing machine with me and she did a great job. I need to get her to start a fashion line because she is great at what she does.

Adding this gladiator sandals to my wardrobe this summer was a great move, they add the well needed edge to every outfit, they are basic enough to be worn everyday and bad ass enough to be dressed up. I have been thinking of getting a high heeled pair but I haven't found the right one to try out.  I don't think gladiator sandals will stop being a summer thing, anytime soon. Someone who wears my shoe size will get the chance to enter a contest for these sandals at the end of this week.

I am so happy to be back and I have more posts in the works, follow me on BLOGLOVIN or INSTAGRAM to be aware of new posts and any updates. Thank you for reading and for sticking with me, be back soon. 

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