Shirt - Primark// Trousers - New Look// Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell.

Dress - H&M// Shoes - Zara // Coat - Thrifted // Glasses - Topshop.

Jacket - Thrifted// T-shirt - Primark // Skirt - Missguided// Shoes - Zara // Sunglasses - H&M

I wish I had a concrete reason for my absence on the blog but I don't, just excessive slacking that led to a blogger's block. I decided to break the silence on here with these outfits that ordinarily should not have made the cut. Did you know that not every outfit that gets photographed gets blogged? Sometimes you look good to yourself in the mirror and the pictures tell a different story.

The double denim outfit was taken back in January but my hair looked so crazy and I was too cold to crack nice poses, so I decided not to put them up. Something about the red outfit didn't look right to me and I really couldn't figure it out but now I know what it is. I need to dry-clean that coat. There is something about the third outfit that I really like but I didn't like it enough to post it. Now all these pictures are here, I have managed to quiet my overly critical mind.

I think I have my act back together now, getting back on track is sometimes hard to do, especially when you can't figure out how you fell off. The point is, when you find yourself down in the dumps, back to your old ways, whatever the case may be, focus on recovery and moving forward because that is all that really matters. Adios amigos...

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