Whenever I have to address a room filled with people, my opening statement is always, "Hi Everyone!" and I just typed and erased that. Hope everyone is doing great and had a fun valentine weekend? You are currently looking at what I got up to this on Saturday.

This would have been my outfit for Day 1 of the upcoming London Fashion Week but I never made any concrete plans to go, so as you can already tell, I am not going. So let's say, this is a #LFWinspiration post. If you are not feeling brave enough to show so much leg (cause it is freezing in these streets), you can just wear your comfiest denim trousers instead. I have sadly, come to accept that my hair doesn't photograph well, it looked pretty decent in this selfie though.  

It is pancake day and I am about to sprint to my friend's house for some pancakes. You know I love my pancakes! Hope you liked this post and got some fashion week/everyday life inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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