Would you believe me if I told you that this blog was always on my mind? Me neither. I have so many things to change on this blog and in my life but I can't seem to get to the doing phase of things. I was the same person that said I was going by "JUST DO IT" this year, now I feel like a liar *sad face*. Pray for me guys, pray for me. 
At the beginning of this summer, I promised myself and my dad that I was going to spend the summer working on myself, for myself and by myself but it just seems like things keep getting in my way. First, I was looking for a new apartment, then I moved, now I can't seem to settle down here. I feel like everything is going so fast but I am stuck and motionless. 
I am going to take active steps to get moving.  Firstly, I need to know what I want to accomplish by September. I need to go back to that list that I made for myself at the beginning of the year and revise it (add and take out things). I definitely know that I don't just want a fashion/personal style blog any more, I want to blog about everything and anything (I will be changing the blog name). I also need to re-read my 2014 post and get back my enthusiasm about life.  I don't feel very good and happy at the moment but I am not going to stay here and be this person. I need to get inspired and moving. 
I will probably delete this post tomorrow morning...goodnight folks x 


  1. Aww.. it is well! Prayer changes things hun x

  2. Aww! I know exactly how you feel. I used to think my blog was all over the place and that it didn't fit into one particular category. But when I thought long and hard about it, I kinda liked how diverse it is. It is fun seeing how your blog, interests and you evolve over time. If you want to talk about more things, do it. That is the beauty about blogging; there are no rules! If you feel that the blog name you have now won't reflect this next phase of your blog and you really want to change it, then do it. This is your blog. Have fun with it :)
    And as for being motionless, do not beat yourself up about it. Look at how far you have come and appreciate what you have right now. All the goals you want to achieve? Write them down. Compare them to your old one and see how many things you have achieved and note the stuff that still needs a bit of work. But most of all, be positive about it, take your time, trust & consult God :) I pray that it all works out well for you!
    I really do enjoy you reading your blog and look forward to seeing the new direction you take it in :)

    Mo x// Within My Locket

    P.S. Sorry for rambling on for so long :/ lol

    1. Thank you so much Mo, I really appreciate your kind words and I would take all your advice on board.



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