Happy Monday guys!! I hope everyone has had a great start to their week, I sure have. Yesterday was Father's Day and this was my OOTD. Blue is a men's colour, right? It is my dad's favourite colour. This dress is definitely my favourite dress, I love everything about it, from the fabric to the finish and to top it all, it was given to me as a gift! These shoes have been my go-to shoes for the past week, they just go with everything in my wardrobe, definitely a good buy. Have a great week guys! Talk soon xx.


"Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect"- Unknown.
I have always avoided joggers because I know I could potentially live in them. Oroma has the exact same pair as I am wearing and I always comment on how much I love them, she was in H&M the other day and she found this pair in the sale section so she bought them for me. I love them and I think I have found a new home. I love the comfort of this outfit, comfort is nice. It's Friday guys, you know what to do. Enjoy!


Hi guys!! How are you doing? Hope you are all well and your week is going well. I don't know what my life was before I found these trousers but I know that I almost cannot do without them. I already wore them herehere and here. I don't think I can go a month without wearing them.
I am moving houses again and packing up my boxes has been making me give away stuff, things that I haven't worn in the past year or so have been going out the door. This has made me realize that I have some closet classics and there are also things that I have on some wish lists, that are there because I think they are closet classics. I will be sharing these items in my new series, CLOSET CLASSICS.


Hi guys! I hope you are all well. I finished my exams last week and I have just been eating my face away, so I decided to share a recipe with you guys. I have pancakes every Saturday for breakfast and I like switching it up from the normal plain pancakes, every now and then. Today, I opted for red velvet pancakes but they turned out pink but still tasted amazing! Enjoy.
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