I love Asa, I really do. I can never get enough of her music, I can't wait for her album that is just a few months away. Dreamer girl is probably my favourite track on the album, Beautiful Imperfection. Sometimes, I am a dreamer girl. Thank you Asa for good music.


Yes I am wearing black again, when all else fails, I opt for a black ensemble. I really should learn how to plan outfits in advance. I cant explain how these trousers made their way out of my recycling pile but they did and I ripped them and wore them. Maybe if I get that recycling pile out of my house, the clothes wont be making their way back to my wardrobe. Maybe, just maybe. Oh! did I tell you that I got these sunnies on sale in H&M for 1 pound. I know right, the joy of sale!!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week, even if you haven't, look on the bright side, today is Friday! Have a great weekend guys xx.


Hey guys!! hope you are all well! This is another outfit from a library day, I seem to spend quite a lot of time there these days. On one of my much needed study breaks, I decided to pose for these pictures. This outfit was planned around my new sunglasses (I love them!!) and long study hours. I was not supposed to be holding my snood (circle scarf) but it was so cold, I couldn't let go (I barely managed to take off my jacket). Hope you like this outfit. Talk soon xx.


If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I got my hair braided. This outfit wasn't planned in anyway, I was running so late and still couldn't find anything to wear, so I ran with this. I wore almost the same outfit the week before but I had on a black top, a black coat and a beat face. I wanted to show you guys my new hair, like it? Anyone also writing exams? I wish you all the best x. Have a good weekend guys.


Hey guys! How are you all doing? It has been a while right? I was going to upload these pictures last week as they are a week old but the happenings in the world (especially Nigeria) have been making me really sad. I also have exams soon (a week from now), I will try updating the blog as often as I can this period. This is what I wore to the library with Oroma last week, hope you like it. Talk soon xx
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