I have been singing this song all day long, I have no idea why and I am sure I haven't heard it in the past week, until about an hour ago when I finally decided to listen to it. This is one catchy song that you learn the lyrics fast and the video is quite funny. I love her facial expressions, the costumes and the dancers, maybe I love the video more than the actual song. If you haven't heard this song, please listen to it, you will have a good laugh. I hope everyone is having a fab week. Talk soon xx.


Hey guys!!! How has everyone been? I feel like I have been away for more than a week. You know how I said I was going to have an amazing week last Monday, yes guys, I did have a great week. I am now into speaking life into every situation and I feel like the air around me is getting lighter, phew!

Since I got my hair done about two weeks ago, I have been feeling like a "plain Jane" with my outfit choices, I have felt the need to keep the clothes "simple", I don't know why. While I was scrolling through tumblr sometime last week, I saw a dress that reminded me of this one that my dad got me two years ago, I actually thought I lost it or one of my sisters took it, when I found it in my wardrobe, I was so excited. I decided to wear this dress to church yesterday morning and I also decided to work with gold accents for this outfit. I quite like the way it turned out with the pink lips and all, what do you think?


Happy Monday guys!!! I am excited and expectant for this new week, I don't know what it is going to bring but I believe it is going to be a successful week for me. I wore this outfit to church yesterday, I was itching to sew something new last week but I was so busy, I decided to change the broken zip in this skirt and wear it. I made so many mistakes when I was sewing this outfit back in September, from cutting the fabric to sewing it, so I have never really worn the whole outfit. I guess this is just to say "A mistake doesn't always mean it is over, sometimes you just learn from it". I wish you guys a successful week like I am going to have. Talk soon xx.



I believe your eyes and ears are windows to your soul, what you listen to eventually becomes what you meditate on, which is what you act on. I have always loved Asa, my cousin used to listen to her a lot when I was younger, I really hated her music at first but as I grew older, I started liking her music, now I am in love.
This is not really an album, as most of the songs here are in her other albums but I really like the versions on here. My love for Asa was rekindled when I listened to this album. This is what I am currently listening to on Spotify, you could buy it on iTunes if you want or open a free spotify account. What songs do you guys listen to?


 I love the versatility of clothes, I could never wear something once and that's all except it fits badly or it is uncomfortable. Everything in this post has been worn more than once on here, the trousers have been worn here and here while the top has been worn here and here. Whenever I wear these glasses and these pants, I feel some certain kind of way that I can't really describe. It is a really good feeling though.

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