Sometimes, actually most times, simple does it. I am so glad that the weather is transitioning to spring already, my joy knows no bounds!! Phew!!! I think I have seen the worst of the Welsh rain this winter, I know it will continue to rain at least twice a week even in the summer but that is better than 21 hours 6 days a week. It even rained just before I took these pictures.

About two Saturdays ago, I was going through my wardrobe trying to find a plain warm weather dress that isn't black and there was none, so I decided to sew one. I would have bought one but I guess I missed using my sewing machine, I don't even remember ever mentioning that I like sewing here. Well, now you know. 

The dress turned out quite well and I decided to compliment the red on the dress by wearing red shoes, I am glad the sun is out but I squint my eyes too much to not shield them from the sun. I just decided to play everything simple, like I always do. I love the way my skin is glowing in these pictures, I guess that answers my boyfriend's question about the coconut cream. Speak soon guys xx


  1. I actually want to steal all these pictures. You're doing amazing xx

  2. This dress is AMAZING xx


  3. Hello, I love your blog and your style!! Your hair looks so gorgeous..
    New follower :) http://dammyscloset.blogspot.co.uk/



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