Sometimes, actually most times, simple does it. I am so glad that the weather is transitioning to spring already, my joy knows no bounds!! Phew!!! I think I have seen the worst of the Welsh rain this winter, I know it will continue to rain at least twice a week even in the summer but that is better than 21 hours 6 days a week. It even rained just before I took these pictures.

About two Saturdays ago, I was going through my wardrobe trying to find a plain warm weather dress that isn't black and there was none, so I decided to sew one. I would have bought one but I guess I missed using my sewing machine, I don't even remember ever mentioning that I like sewing here. Well, now you know. 

The dress turned out quite well and I decided to compliment the red on the dress by wearing red shoes, I am glad the sun is out but I squint my eyes too much to not shield them from the sun. I just decided to play everything simple, like I always do. I love the way my skin is glowing in these pictures, I guess that answers my boyfriend's question about the coconut cream. Speak soon guys xx


It never stops raining here, I have to watch the weather like a predator watches a prey to take pictures most times. My schedule has gotten quite busy recently, too busy to weather watch. I had no clue that it was raining today, I stepped out and voila!! rain!! lol, I wasn't that excited when I saw that it was raining. I didn't let the rain get in my way though, I was a woman on a mission. I wore this outfit to church a few weeks ago and I decided to take shots today. I have been thinking of giving this blog makeover, I might do that pretty soon. I hope everyone has had a great week so far. Oh I almost forgot to mention, I was featured on 360nobs.com earlier this week, click here to see more of that. Thanks again to the style editor Oluwadunni. Speak soon guys. 


Happy Tuesday everyone!!! How has your week been going? Here is another uni day post, I really spend most of my time here and the weather has not been encouraging for the past weekends. These uni posts might be more frequent because I think I like taking a conscious note of what I wear to uni, I normally don't. The British weather is really weird, you can have all four seasons in one day, while I was taking these pictures, it was between spring and summer. Enjoy the rest of your week guys, speak soon xx.


Hey everyone!!! So today is the big day for my blog, I am so happy, I wasn't even this excited on my birthday. I even bought a cake! on my last birthday, I forgot to buy a cake, so you can imagine my excitement today. I guess this is the point where I tell you about all my achievements with this blog in the past year, like every other blogger but I am not about to do that. 

This time last year, I decided to publish my first post, I didn't think anyone was going to read it and I was too scared to share it with anyone except Joy (my friend and photographer) but I have been doing this for a year now, even though I had so many hiatus. This blog has made me truly see myself for who I am, it has made me notice my weaknesses, strengths, bad and good habits. I am really happy I stuck through it. I hope to see my virtual baby, grow more over time. 

Thank God for his grace. Thank you to everyone that has supported this blog over the past year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second. I really appreciate you guys. Thank you to my gorgeous photographer who is also laughing her head off in the picture below. This blog has brought smiles to my face over and over again and below are pictures of me laughing, which by the way are very rare.  I celebrated last night with my friends, Judy and Taffy. I was too busy eating the whole night, I didn't even take any pictures. 


Hey lovelies!! how have you all been? I missed you like crazy, I have been so busy with life. Remember how I said I wasn't really feeling the cold, well I eventually felt it and took ill. Thank God for safe recovery. My engineering duties take up most of my life and I always feel so bad for neglecting my blog, so I have decided to merge my duties together as often as I can because I can't leave one for the other, I was born to be an engineer.

On a typical school day, I am in school from 9am to 5pm (it is really like a job), so I like to dress in many many layers because I can be warm when out and about and also warm when inside, if it gets too warm, I will reduce the layers. This coat is just perfect for me because I like layering (not really, I just don't want to freeze) but I don't want to look bulky and the structure of this coat conceals the layers and gives it a shape, so score! Normally I wear a snood (circle scarf) but I forgot it at home on this particular day, so my neck was freezing the whole time. My hands were also in my pocket the whole time because I didn't have gloves on. Okay this is the longest essay ever!! I'll talk to you guys soon, okay xx.

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