Hey everyone, how are you all? I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season?  Okay so do you all remember this outfit that you think is a dress and I keep telling you that it is not a dress? yeah, okay. This is what I wore to church on Sunday, I was in such a good mood because I am an aunty now!!! I am so thankful to God for this year, it has been a roller coaster but God has been faithful. I will not be posting here for about 3 weeks, I have exams :( so let me just tell you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Be safe folks xx.


HO HO HO!!! Hey everyone, how have you all been? I have been gone for soooo long!! I got buried in school work and the weather has just not been picture friendly, forgive me. I wore this outfit like 5 weeks ago to be honest but I took these pictures two nights ago.
Ah!!! today is the first day of winter, this is sad news for a summer baby like me, but on the brighter side, Christmas is only a few days away, Yass!!!
It was so hard to pick the pictures for this post because all the pictures taken were so lovely. Bear in mind that this post will be picture heavy :). I might write a post showing you more of Damas photography works soon. If you know me and how lazy I get, you know these pictures are not edited. Joy (the photographer) is just a genius!!
Of course, I wore my black coat in these pictures too, that is definitely my best buy of the year. I love how the coat brings everything together. Okay am I talking/typing too much today or what? I am just happy, not about winter though. Alright, I will scoot over with my talkactive self, see you all soon xx.

Most of the things that I am wearing are unavailable in stores :( but I will look for similar ones and leave them below, later on.

Outfit details
Top- Made by DeolaBee
Trousers- Gift from my friend
Coat- Thrifted
Shoes- Jeffery Campbell (via Nasty Gal)
Rings- H&M
Necklace- Thrifted
Bag- Zara.


Hey everyone, how are you all doing? I hope everyone has had a lovely week. So this is what I wore to church last Sunday and didn't get around to posting till now, I have been so busy lately, forgive me. Have a great weekend guys, see you soon, hopefully. Oh!! I am wearing my black coat again, what can I say I love it.


This was going to be a spur of the moment blog post as I was just sitting on my bed and reflecting on the day's activities (another way of saying, sitting around doing nothing). I remembered something I read in my devotional a few days ago and it reminded me of a write up I had seen before, so I thought I should share it with you guys. Bear in mind that this is not a fashion post.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
And as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
- Marianne WIlliamson.

"Nothing grieves God's heart as much as seeing the children He loves fall short of his plan and provision for them. He wants you to succeed. He wants you to reach the top and become the best. He detests you stopping before reaching the top."
- Pastor E.A Adeboye (Open Heavens).

I hope you know that there can never be too many lights in the world, don't shrink yourself because someone is not comfortable, don't let the fact that your friend does something that you are interested in, stop you from doing it. I just want you to understand that you were not placed in this world to be ordinary, so stop pretending to be average, shine and let shine.  Talk to you soon xx.


Happy Friday everyone, hope you have all had a wonderful week. It has gotten so cold, I just want to curl up in bed all day long and it rains all the time here. It even rained for a while, while I was taking these pictures. The wind was really destroying my hair on this day, like it just will not be in one place but it all worked out. I tend to wear black a lot, like even during the summer, I don't know why. As you can see, this coat is massive, I bought it in that size because it was too nice for me to let go, so I mostly wear it as a cape and I love love love this coat, everything about it just works for me(even the size, haha). I don't know if you can tell that I am wearing two tops, a basic long sleeve one underneath and the turtleneck one(I love the lace detailing of this top) above. As a girl whose wardrobe consists of summer pieces, I have to work with what I have. I love it when my pictures turn out nice because honestly, I hate editing and thanks to my lovely photographer, they always turn out well. You can check her out on Instagram (@damasphotography). I think I should stop talking/typing now and see you all later. xx

Coat- Thrifted
Top (underneath)- Primark
Top (above)-Warehouse
Skirt- Topshop
Shoes- Missguided
Rings- H&M


Hi everyone!!! It has been a while, thanks to the rain. How has everyone been? I wore this outfit to church last Sunday and I was running so late lol but I made it, thank God. I have a love/hate relationship with almost everything I am wearing in this post. I hate the darts on that top but I love the top itself, those shoes are so uncomfortable, but I love them still and my baby sister said that my skirt reminds her of her former class teacher (Is that an insult?) Anyway, I need to catch up on all my weekly shows now, see you guys later xx. 

Top- BHS
Skirt- Thrifted
Shoes- New Look
Bag- Primark
Necklace- H&M
Rings- H&M


Hey folks!! hope you are all well? Last Sunday was my dad's birthday and this what I wore, this outfit was custom made for me by my older sister (she is amazing, right).  The material is such an interesting material, with so much colour, I am very obsessed with prints these days. I was nominated by my friend Enny for leibester award and it requires me to write a post talking about it, I haven't gotten around to doing that yet but I will do it sometime when I feel comfortable with it. Yeah to keep in touch with this blog, you can follow me on bloglovin. Okay back to this outfit, this is actually a skirt and top. I went witn minimal jellwery and nude shoes because I wanted to outfit to do all the talking. I feel like I am talking too much now, alright bye. 
Enjoy xx

What I was wearing
Top&Skirt- Custom made
Shoes- Missguided
Necklace- H&M
Rings- H&M, Miss Selfridge
Clutch- My mom's


Hey folks!! It has been a while, hope you all have been great. The Mercedes Benz Spring 2014 fashion week commenced in New York last thursday and as a fashion enthusiast, I have been keeping up online. The style flow has been amazing on and off the catwalk, these are some street style I really liked.
Enjoy xx

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